Are you looking to be a reseller and get better rates and faster shipping times?
Are you currently enrolled in college, around a college, or just know a ton of people who want fake IDs?
Being a reseller with us will give you great benefits, you will get amazing fake ids at discounted rates with tons of perks and future updates. Look below for all the information.

How to get the reseller rates

Reseller rates are available immediately after you apply below!
1. All you need is to have bought 10 IDs from us in the past 6 months and you will be given reseller rates indefinitely.
2. It requires a 5 person minimum in your further orders to obtain the reseller rates. If you need to place an order that is smaller than five, you will return to the normal rates. That’s it!
3. So if you have purchased at least 10 IDs total from us in the last 6 months, then email us to get the discount coupon when you place the new 5+ person order.
You will have to mention the order numbers and the email address used in your previous order(s).
4. Our email is [email protected] or you can create a ticket on our support page.

Reseller program benefits:

1. Prices range from $30-$40/person depending on the order size.
2. Free shipping and duplicates included, as always!
3. Reseller orders are given production priority over all other orders.
4. As a reseller, we will give you the opportunity to receive a few ID samples of your choice to show your customers in person. If you are interested, please email us for more information.
5. We have an amazing customer support service, if you happen to have issues or mistakes on your IDs, we make sure our resellers are set.
6. You can make thousands of dollars in profit depending on how much you charge your client base! You can make up to 70% more profit depending on how much you charge per ID & DUPLICATE! If you are in a college area you can easily make tens of thousands a month.

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