Validity: 4 -5 years
Printing Material: The ID is printed on a premium Teslin material and bonded together with PET Lamination for superior results.
Scannable Features: The back of the has an illustration of the state name, inventory control number, one and two-dimensional barcodes which contain the necessary license information to pass it on to the scanning and reading devices
Security Features:
● A duplicate ghost image of the license holder is present at the lower right.
● The Illustrations of a bridge, clouds, seagulls, sailboat, and lighthouse in complex blue, red, and silvery tones come in the background of the card.
● The optically variable holographic patterns of the state seal, name, anchor, and stars are present and change the visibility when viewed from different angles.
● The state seal overlaps the original portrait of the cardholder along with the state name “RHODE ISLAND.”
● Particular areas of the card glow under ultraviolet light and are in UV ink.
● The backside of the old license has microprinting. It comes with multiple duplicate photos of the original cardholder’s photo on the right side.
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