New York Driver License | Mister Replicator

1 person – $85 (+ free duplicate)
2-3 persons – $65/person (+a free duplicate for each ID ordered)
4 or more persons – $55/person (+a free duplicate for each ID ordered)

Validity: The validation period gives you two options to select a 5 or 6 years duration.
Printing Material: The ID card comes printed on an improved version of Polycarbonate
Scannable Features: On the back, there are one and two-dimensional scannable barcodes passing the necessary license credentials to the scanning and reading devices.
Security Features:

  • The sound of the card, when dropped on the floor, should resemble that of a CD or a metallic object. The material that we use will replicate this unique feature.
  • The photo on the front of the cardholder is laser-engraved.
  • We use the tactile printing technique to print license specifications such as the ID Number, birth, and expiry dates along with the signature.
  • The top right and left edges of the card comes with rainbow-styled printing.
  • A window on the right bottom has a laser-engraved ghost image of the license holder.
  • A wavy pattern comprising of the name of the cardholder is visible below the duplicate ghost photo on the lower right.
  • The text “NY” is printed in UV Ink repeating, the map and pattern of lines are in UV and visible only under ultraviolet light.

Please read our Photo Guide page before you continue.

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