Validity: 8 years.
Printing Material: This license is printed on a very enhanced quality of Teslin to ensure it passes the bend test.
Scannable Features: Barcodes on the back that contain the information of the cardholder’s license.
Security Features:
● The top header of this card which comes with the state name ‘GEORGIA’ and ‘USA’ imitates accurately to clone the genuine look of this template.
● The darkness of the text and the background of this ID is not exceeding the required intensity.
● The date of birth is present on the top right of the cardholder’s photo.
● A circular gram is present on the back of this card which is reflective.
● The holograms will be visible at their respective angles.
● A ghost image of the cardholder’s photo.
● State seal and the name “Georgia” will glow under UV light.
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