Validity: 6 years.
Printing Material: Polycarbonate and PVC
Scannable Features: The magnetic strip that was on the bottom of the back end of the card in the previous version of the license now goes up, and the barcodes go to the bottom of the card. It comes with the Scannable credentials of the license holder and is guaranteed to pass in-state and out of state, it also has indicators on the back for a lifetime designation.
Security Features:
● Instead of a blue background for the cardholder’s photo, this new version comes with a transparent background.
● The new licenses have a very different and unique security feature called the ‘OVG’ which stands for Optically
● A variable ghost image of the cardholder turns purplish and is only visible under UV light.
● It comes with a ghost image photo that shows clearly under ordinary light but fluoresces under UV light and gives a Gold look.
● The characters ‘FL’ in a repeating pattern is visible yellow when the card exposes to UltraViolet light. One hologram of the ‘FL’ letter ribbon is at the bottom right, and the other is at the top left. These are in UV ink.
● It comes with optically variable data. ‘OVD’ means this data is not visible under normal light and can be viewed when the card exposes to UV light.
● Another duplicate image of the cardholder is on the back of the ID.
● The data of the person is also visible on the back, which includes license type, date of birth, restrictions, and endorsements.
● Large photo ID license – A secondary ghost image and holder’s name visible under UV. The Smaller photo IDs display state seal overlapping photo plus “FLORIDA” repeats under UV.
Please read our FAQ and Photo Guide page before you continue.

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