Validity: 5-6 years.
Printing Material: Polycarbonate
Scannable Features: Magnetic stripe and barcodes that are scannable with any reader or scanner.
Security Features:
● In this new design, a grizzly bear resides on the top of the right corner of the license.
● The background of this template has an engraving of a gold digger with a hat and a beard.
● The ID comes with a pair of ghost images on the front of the card; one light photo is visible on the front while the other is only visible when exposed under the UltraViolet light.
● The date of birth on the photo of the cardholder is visible under UV light.
● A new security feature on this ID is that of the ultraviolet model of the Golden Gate overpass and the Coit Tower on the front which is only visible under UV, and we imitate this point with precision.
● The laser perforation feature on the back that comes with the old card is now also visible under normal light in the new license.
● A tactile date of birth is printed on the front of the card.
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