Price for 1 minute



The price includes free shipping and a  free duplicate ID.



for each person

The price includes free shipping and a free duplicate ID for each person in the group.



for each person

The price includes free shipping and a free duplicate ID for each person in the group.



Great price

If you have a group of more than 20 persons contact us and we'll give you an even better discount.

  • Barcode scans at bars, clubs, liquor stores, etc.
  • We are scanning all IDs before shipping with VeriScan / E-seek M280 / LE grade hardware/best available civilian software.
  • So when scanned your ID will show all the information that is on the card in the proper format.
  • Every ID is the product of careful craftsmanship and materials. Our products are printed on a dye-sub printer which is the same technology the government uses.
  • In addition, every ID comes with UV, multi-spectrum state-specific holograms, and a properly generated 2D bar code which will ensure the ID will scan no matter what occasion.
  • Microprint in the custom holograms (most do not even know this exists).
  • In addition, every ID comes with UV, multi-spectrum state-specific holograms, and a properly generated 2D bar code which will ensure the ID will scan no matter what occasion.
  • Access the ORDER page, click the state you want to order, and fill in your info on the order page.
  • Payment options are explained in detail on this page.
  • If you pay by Bitcoin have the coins ready or be able to get them in a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Add it to the shopping cart, review your info, and click Checkout.
  • Send the specified amount of bitcoins to the bitcoin wallet address provided at checkout.
  • There will be a timer on the payment page, so please stay in that time frame when sending the payment.
  • If the time expires, do not send your payment, simply start another order.
  • Production time is 3-5 days (if we expect delays we will let you know by email)
  • Yes, we do offer discounts on group orders.
  • Please check out the ORDER page.
  • The discount will be automatically calculated at checkout.
No, we do not offer under 21 ids.
  • No vendor currently produces fake IDs that pass this test, but this test is very rarely used in the real world on the places you will be using your ID.
  • This is soon to be a possibility.
  • Our id "scans" for barcode only scanners results may vary for anything other than a barcode style scanner so we only guarantee they "scan" for standard barcode ONLY style "scans".
We are currently not interested in resellers.
We now offer free duplicates on every order. It means that you will be receiving 2 IDs, so if you lose one you will have a backup ID.
It is very unlikely for this to happen but if you lose both IDs ( we offer free duplicates on every order ), unfortunately, you will have to reorder at full price. Otherwise, we would be taken advantage of.
  • No, your fake identity will not appear in a DMV database.
  • Even tho our IDs are in-state passable use our IDs for flight/travel at your own risk.
  • However, we are working on making our IDs passable for flight/travel in the future.
  • The “bend test” is not an official test or security feature in real IDs, which are made of PVC, the same material credit cards are made of.
  • Real PVC-made IDs, such as Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, are not meant to be severely bent, and will not pass bend tests.
  • To accurately replicate the real PVC-made Illinois IDs for example, I produce PVC-made IDs, which also are not meant to be severely bent.
  • Many deceitful vendors falsely advertise their IDs as able to pass bend tests, simply to avoid the question which many would ask, even though the real IDs they replicate often are not meant to pass bend tests.
  • Asking me if you will have your ID by such and such date or Friday etc is unacceptable.
  • I will not make false promises to you as the shipping speed of USPS varies, some people get theirs in 1-3 days while for others it takes a week.
  • And it's not based on where it ships from and where you are it seems random.
  • I have had people I mailed from across the state to take a week and people on another side of the country mailed at the same time got theirs in 4 days.
  • So this is why if you ask me this I'm gonna refer you to this post to stop wasting my time, quality work takes time and while we do out best to get it done ASAP once the order is done and shipped the ball is in USPS court per se we have zero control of it.
  • Having said that, it never happened that an order to take more than 10 days to arrive at its destination.
  • We will never make you a promise about when it will be in your hands, not trying to be mean but hopefully, you can see my reasoning above  🙂
  • Shipping is free of charge on every order!
  • Your order will be sent in discrete packaging with a generic-sounding return address.
  • We take stealth very seriously, the ids are very well hidden inside the envelope/package you will receive, there will be no indication of the letter/package contents and nothing to raise suspicion.
  • We have several different methods for shipping, including but not limited to USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
  • We have shipped successfully to Canada, but there is increased risk since it passes through customs!
  • Shipping usually by USPS within the US (where there are no customs issues)
  • Orders are shipped in batches, usually once a week.
  • Group orders will not be shipped to multiple addresses, you can only use one shipping address.
  • Shipping takes around 4-5 days from the moment the payment is received but it may be faster.
  • Yes, you can, by accessing the TRACKING PAGE on the website to see your order status.
  • Fill in your order number and the email address used at checkout.
  • "Order Received ( Date ) " - Your order and payment have been received and your ID(s) is cued for production.
  • "Order Processing" - Your ID is currently being produced and it will be shipped soon.
  • "Order Shipped ( Date ) " - Good news 🙂 , your order has been shipped and you will be receiving it soon.
  • Wait 7 business days. If it still hasn’t arrived, contact us.
  • Regular clients in good standing with us will receive a free reshipment.
  • New clients will receive a reshipment at 50% of the original cost.
  • Package size/style will vary as to its randomized for security reasons it could be a letter priority mail/ small box/envelope, etc.
  • So ensure you can receive standard mail letters/envelopes and/or packages.
  • We will NOT be held responsible for undelivered mail if they refuse it cause they only accept letters and not priority mailers or whatever.
  • If you have any doubts then use a standard USPS deliverable address for best results.
  • We do not receive refused(returned to sender) mail so we will not be able to receive/reship it so it will be lost and it will be your fault in the event of this happening.
  • If this happens to you for whatever reason you will have to reorder it.
  • Apart from Bitcoin/ALTCOINS, we now accept Western Union and MoneyGram payments.
  • Access the HOW TO PAY page where all the payment options are explained.
  • Some Bitcoin/Altcoins tips ( we currently accept BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH ) :
  • Use Coincap to decide how much Bitcoin/Altcoins to purchase.
  • Buy roughly 10% more than needed, as prices fluctuate. Any leftover coins can be sold back for USD later or kept.
  • Purchase Bitcoin/Altcoins online from :
  • Coinbase - you will need a bank account, it takes a few days to verify your account and the coins to arrive.
  • LocalBitcoins - this is the fastest method, I recommend using this
  • Circle - you will need a bank account, also takes a while for the account to verify and the coins to arrive
  • You can also buy Bitcoin using a Bitcoin ATM - this is by far the easiest, fastest, and safest payment method available.
  • All orders paid with Bitcoin will receive a 10% discount ( calculated automatically at checkout ).
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, do not post a negative review anywhere without first speaking with us, as we might be able to work something out.
  • Do not assume the ID should feel/look in a certain way when it should not.
  • If you leave a detailed/honest review on a forum I will happily throw in extras on your next order.
  • Include a link to your review in your next order and ask for a duplicate, insurance, student ID, etc.
  • Please understand that using a Fake/Replica/Novelty ID is a risk and as such we do not offer free replacements if you have it taken.
  • You can get ids taken for a variety of reasons even if there's nothing wrong with the id they may challenge you due to how old or young in your case you appear and still deny you.
  • So please keep that in mind when ordering.
  • When purchasing from us you agree to the below terms:
  • You are not affiliated with or part of any government(Federal/State/International) or Law Enforcement agency/task force/investigative agency.
  • You agree to abide by your local laws when it comes to novelty/replica/fake ID's and agrees to not use for any unlawful/illegal use.
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